KATE RICHARDSON – Artist Profile

I grew up with a strong outdoor lifestyle ethic, as part of a sailing family living on the River Hamble, just off the Solent.
I now live in Cowes and have an art studio situated on the river Medina.
I get a lot of my inspiration whilst sailing with my husband and our two children in our classic yacht. It takes us on adventures around the Solent and beyond.

I enjoyed art at school and this progressed into formal training at the City & Guilds of London Art School studying Sculpture and Drawing.
From my studio in Cowes I produce figurative sculptures using Clay and the Waste Moulding technique.I also use paint and mixedmedia on canvas, board and wood to express the energy and movement of our surroundings. I really enjoy myself producing these images, putting emotion and the sensation of freedom into each piece be it a seascape, landscape or life drawing.

I enjoy the effect of using bright colours in all my works.If you look hard enough these colours can be seen all around us. The images are established using a firm line. The surface takes on a bold textured feel and look gaining a richness of depth and this combination expresses the energy and movement of the scene andgives an enjoyable visual experience.
To me a line is a description of emotion and energy, and therefore can never be’ just straight.’

The story so far